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14:31 | 18/08/2017
The kangaroo emblem of 100 per cent Australian-owned SSESteel Limited (THEP UC) celebrates its 20th anniversary this month, marking the presence in the Vietnamese market of more than three million tonnes of Vietnamese and international-standard construction steel products.

Leaving marks across Vietnam

Australian group Vietnam Industrial Investments (VII) was listed on the Australian stock market in 1995, and has thus far ventured into several business fields in Vietnam. The firm produces construction steel products, welded wire mesh, metal roofing sheets and structure steel under various brands, including THEP UC, Thep Viet Uc, Austnam, TBS, and VRC.

THEP UC “Thep Chuot tui” was founded in 1997. Its headquarters is situated in Hong Bang district in the northern port city of Haiphong, and it has five branch offices in Hanoi, Thanh Hoa, Vinh, Danang, and Ho Chi Minh City.

THEP UC core products are wire rod, deformed bars, and rebar in coils, with diameters from D5.5mm to D41mm.

In a nod to the brand’s Australian standards, a kangaroo symbol – Australia’s mascot – is embossed on every item produced by the company.

In its two-plus decades of existence, THEP UC “Thep Chuot tui”  products have been and continue to be used in many of the country’s major undertakings, helping to cut down on imports.

The company’s products have left their mark on the National Convention Centre; the Haiphong

Cement Plant; the Thuy Duong Plaza Haiphong building; the billion-US-dollar Dung Quat and Nghi Son oil refineries; Vinh Tuy bridge; Phu Dong bridge; bridges along national highways 1, 10, 18, and the Hanoi-Haiphong expressway; and the VietinBank tower.

Most significantly, the company’s products have become the choice of millions of Vietnamese for building their own homes.

Beyond Vietnam’s boundaries, the company’s products have made forays into top markets such as

Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, attesting to THEP UC “Thep Chuot tui”  brand value and positioning in both the domestic and international market.

With the slogan “Excellence in Quality and Services”, THEP UC has become one of the symbols for “Authenticity”, “Mastery”, and “Compassion”.


The authenticity of THEP UC’s products comes from the sychronisation of production technology and equipment, which strictly adheres to internationally recognised quality management systems ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO/IEC: 17025. These ratings are compatible with national technical specifications for the creation of quality steel products such as QCVN: 2011/BKHCN, Vietnamese national standards (TCVN), Japanese industrial standards (JIS), British standards (BS), and American standards (ASTM).

Authenticity also comes from the excellence in sales services and optical solutions on construction steel provision, as well as the professionalism, expertise, dedication, consistency, sense of responsibility, and loyalty of the employee team.

That is the commitment and aspiration of the investors and the company leaders which has set the company apart from other players in construction steel production.


At THEP UC, “mastery” has been a core value of the company’s 20-year development journey in the Vietnamese market.

The company’s employees and leaders are also proud that

THEP UC’s product mastery has generated firm and sustainable value for the company’s production and business activities, while bringing numerous added values both materially and spiritually to consumers, distributors, partners, and company employees.

THEP UC was the first construction steelmaker in Vietnam to be wholly Australian-owned.

It was also the first steelmaker in the country to team up with Danieli Group, Italy’s leading provider of rolled steel production technology.

THEP UC was also the first steelmaker to succeed in designing and manufacturing deformed rebar in coils in Vietnam, as well as the first steelmaker to pioneer the application of quenching technology in the production of high-quality steel products in the country. It was also the first to roll steel billets of 150mm square.

This pioneering nature has given THEP UC a solid foundation from which to reach for further horizons.


In THEP UC’s people-centric philosophy, the company strives to ensure stable incomes and other allowances for its employees who commit to sharing with the less fortunate through the THEP UC Fund: “Thep Chuot tui” - Connecting Love.

This spirit has reached the company’s customers and partners through various healthcare and vacation programmes in destinations both at home and abroad, helping to consolidate ties between investors, labourers, partners, and customers.

THEP UC has also joined with many organisations and individuals in their campaigns to help disadvantaged people living throughout the country.

Armed with the values of “authenticity”, “mastery”, and “compassion”, THEP UC has posted impressive results through its 20 years: generating 3.3 million tonnes in productivity and VND40 trillion ($1.8 billion) in total cumulative revenue, with VND1.28 billion ($58 million) paid to the state budget and VND29 billion ($1.3 million) to charity activities. Labourers’ monthly incomes average VND12 million ($545).

Ushering in a new development chapter, THEP UC is set on making further headway under the commitment: “Bringing Australian values to Vietnamese lives”.

By By Son Bien

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