transparency critical for soes Transparency critical for SOEs

09:14 | 19/09/2018

Transparency is critical to enhance the efficiency of State-owned enterprises (SOEs) as Vietnam enters a new phase of equitisation which will focus on quality rather ...

decree on state capital management committee to be issued next month Decree on State Capital Management Committee to be issued next month

10:46 | 11/08/2018

The Government will issue a decree regulating the functions, duties, rights, and organisational structure of the State Capital Management Committee next month, said Deputy Prime ...

stock bourses merger plan submitted to government finance ministry Stock bourses’ merger plan submitted to Government: Finance ministry

12:05 | 20/07/2018

The plan for the merger of the Ha Noi and HCM stock exchanges has been submitted to the Government for review, according to the Ministry ...

na passes resolution on state capital control in soes NA passes resolution on State capital control in SOEs

09:46 | 16/06/2018

The National Assembly (NA) has approved a resolution on improving and enhancing the implementation of policies in using State capital and assets in State-owned enterprises ...

soe equitisation lets down investors SOE equitisation lets down investors

10:00 | 09/06/2018

Even though the government has been trying its best to boost the equitisation of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) to attract private investors over the past few ...

massive divestments to leave only three state owned groups by 2020 Massive divestments to leave only three state-owned groups by 2020

10:41 | 31/05/2018

The equitisation of SOEs along with the divestment of state capital is an opportunity for investors to set foot in major fields of the ...

from doi moi reforms to vietnamese billionaires From Doi Moi reforms to Vietnamese billionaires

14:00 | 01/05/2018

After more than 30 years of Doi Moi, the Vietnamese economy has begun to see its own local billionaires who while contributing to national development, ...

lingering problems in valuation of state owned enterprises Lingering problems in valuation of state-owned enterprises

16:04 | 17/04/2018

The failed IPO of VTVCab and the Mobifone-AVG scandal are valuable lessons for Vietnam on the valuation of state-owned enterprises.

soes face punishment over info SOEs face punishment over info

16:20 | 19/03/2018

The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) has asked the Government to handle the State-owned enterprises (SOEs) that failed to disclose their business information in ...

committee established to rule over vnd5 quadrillion state capital Committee established to rule over VND5 quadrillion state capital

17:09 | 13/02/2018

The Committee will put forward mechanisms and policies to ensure the highest effectiveness of state property and capital invested at enterprises.

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