phuong nam pays first dividends in seven years Phuong Nam pays first dividends in seven years

15:28 | 18/09/2018

Despite overcoming the 2017 gloom, Phuong Nam is pressed by debt and dividend payments for its shareholders who have not received dividends for seven years.

phuong nam wishes to divest all its cgv stakes at low price Phuong Nam wishes to divest all its CGV stakes at low price

14:22 | 10/09/2018

Phuong Nam's divestent from CGV is rather unusual as the price is only a fraction of what it is worth now, but the company is ...

moit requests discount on phuong nam pulp mill auction MoIT requests discount on Phuong Nam pulp mill auction

12:08 | 19/06/2018

After being ignored at its first three auctions, Phuong Nam pulp mill has been seeking the prime minister’s approval for a discount on the fourth ...

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