cancer to kill 10 million people in 2018 despite better prevention Cancer to kill 10 million people in 2018 despite better prevention

11:29 | 13/09/2018

Cancer will kill nearly 10 million people this year, experts said Wednesday (Sep 12), warning the disease's global burden continues to rise in spite of ...

hospital infection control work key task of health sector Hospital-infection control work key task of health sector

10:02 | 04/08/2018

Hospitals and clinics in Vietnam have started implementing surveillance of nosocomial infections and monitoring the hospital-infection control process, Deputy Minister of Health, Nguyen Viet Tien ...

vietnam and cambodia trimmed health spending Vietnam and Cambodia trimmed health spending

19:14 | 05/06/2018

While most of the emerging markets in Asia has increased its overall spending on health as a share of GDP since 2000, Cambodia and Vietnam ...

aia vietnam promotes healthy living with new content hub and cookbook AIA Vietnam promotes healthy living with new content hub and cookbook

21:07 | 04/06/2018

AIA Vietnam has launched a trial website and bilingual cookbook to help Vietnamese customers lead a healthier life.

immerse yourself in the zen space of yoga Immerse yourself in the 'zen' space of yoga 1

12:23 | 13/03/2018

With an optional yoga mat and not-so-much room, yoga offers too many physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits to miss.

insurance market lights up after tet holiday Insurance market lights up after Tet Holiday

16:33 | 03/03/2018

In the first days of the Lunar Year, insurance purchases surged as clients purchase healthcare policies for their family members, relatives, and themselves.

health campaigners decry global hiv funds deal with heineken Health campaigners decry global HIV fund's deal with Heineken

09:53 | 03/02/2018

LONDON: International health campaigners and alcohol concern groups called on a major global HIV and malaria fund on Thursday (Feb 1) to end immediately a ...

vna honours vietnamese doctors VNA honours Vietnamese doctors

10:14 | 15/04/2013

The Vietnam News Agency (VNA) on Feb. 26 organised an exchange programme to celebrate the 58th anniversary of the Vietnamese Doctors’ Day (Feb. 27, 1955 ...

microsoft showcases solutions for healthcare it managers Microsoft showcases solutions for healthcare IT managers

17:23 | 13/09/2012

Today, Microsoft, as a role of cooperating partner sponsor will join the Hospital Management Asia (HMA) 2012 conference in Hanoi.

coke pepsi to drop level of cancer chemical Coke, Pepsi to drop level of 'cancer' chemical

08:19 | 10/03/2012

Coca-Cola and Pepsi said Friday they have lowered levels of a chemical in caramel coloring to comply with a California law, but insisted the drinks ...

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