enhancing companies production Enhancing companies’ production

11:55 | 23/08/2018

In addition to an expected slight rise in the country’s minimum wage in 2019, a favourable working environment will be also a great contributor to ...

india flood toll jumps to 106 nearly 150000 homeless officials India flood toll jumps to 106, nearly 150,000 homeless: Officials

09:08 | 17/08/2018

The death toll from major floods in India's tourist hotspot Kerala has jumped to 106, officials said Thursday (Aug 16), with nearly 150,000 people left ...

ho chi minh city encourages environment projects Ho Chi Minh City encourages environment projects 1

10:34 | 29/07/2018

HCM City has called for investment in environmental protection projects from now through 2025 and announced incentives for such investment as it seeks to resolve ...

gef pledges 41b fund to protect environment GEF pledges $4.1b fund to protect environment

10:27 | 29/06/2018

The 6th Global Environment Facility (GEF-6) closed in the central city yesterday with nearly 30 countries pledging to create a US$4.1 billion fund to protect ...

vinh phuc resolute on refusing tal groups 350 million project Vinh Phuc resolute on refusing TAL Group's $350 million project

15:55 | 26/06/2018

Vinh Phuc submitted its fourth document asking the prime minister to refuse TAL Group's textile and garment dyeing project.

vietnam sets out green ambitions with bold targets for solar rare earth Vietnam sets out green ambitions with bold targets for solar, rare earth

21:33 | 04/06/2018

HANOI: Vietnam plans to more than triple the amount of electricity it produces from renewable sources and push for a 26 per cent increase in ...

dozens feared killed in karachi heatwave charity Dozens feared killed in Karachi heatwave: Charity

08:44 | 24/05/2018

KARACHI: Dozens of people are feared to have died in a heatwave gripping Pakistan's largest city Karachi this week, a charity in the sprawling metropolis ...

64 trln in compensation for victims of marine environment incident 6.4 trln in compensation for victims of marine environment incident

11:50 | 22/05/2018

After 2 years actively implementing measures to overcome the marine environment incident, seawater quality and the marine environment has been restored, while fishing, aquaculture, seafood ...

tourism nearly a tenth of global co2 emissions Tourism nearly a tenth of global CO2 emissions

11:33 | 09/05/2018

Domestic and international tourism account for 8 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions, four times more than previously estimated, according to a study published Monday (May ...

kobe steel plant to be aborted with thach khe ore iron mine Kobe Steel plant to be aborted with Thach Khe ore iron mine

15:42 | 04/05/2018

The billion-dollar steel facility invested by leading Japanese steel maker Kobe Steel may roll with the wind with Thach Khe ore iron mine.

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