trump doubles down on support for court nominee in assault claim Trump doubles down on support for court nominee in assault claim

11:00 | 19/09/2018

President Donald Trump doubled down on Tuesday (Sep 18) on backing for his Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh ahead of an explosive Senate hearing in ...

trumps many trade wars a summary Trump's many trade wars: A summary

20:55 | 18/09/2018

President Donald Trump, to the alarm of US trading partners, has kept his course of aggressive trade policy, imposing punitive tariffs on countries he accuses ...

trump lashes ex secretary of state kerry for iran meetings Trump lashes ex-secretary of state Kerry for Iran meetings

09:53 | 15/09/2018

President Donald Trump lashed out at former secretary of state John Kerry for his meetings with Iran's foreign minister after the Obama-appointee had left office.

trump rejects puerto rico storm toll of 3000 as democrat plot Trump rejects Puerto Rico storm toll of 3,000 as Democrat plot

11:07 | 14/09/2018

US President Donald Trump on Thursday (Sep 13) rejected the official death toll from last year's Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, saying it had been ...

trump received kim jong un letter seeking second meet white house Trump received Kim Jong Un letter seeking second meet: White House

11:24 | 11/09/2018

US President Donald Trump has received a "very positive" letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un seeking a follow-up meeting after their historic summit ...

trump calls on apple to move production from china to us Trump calls on Apple to move production from China to US

12:56 | 09/09/2018

US President Donald Trump called on Saturday (Sep 8) for Apple to make its products in the US instead of China to avoid suffering the ...

us foreign policy a tug of war between trump staff US foreign policy a tug of war between Trump, staff

12:16 | 08/09/2018

A secret "resistance" is working from within to cushion the United States from Donald Trump's worst instincts, according to damning accounts of his leadership that ...

trump signals nuclear talks with north korea still alive Trump signals nuclear talks with North Korea still alive

16:47 | 07/09/2018

US President Donald Trump pledged on Thursday (Sep 6) to complete a deal on denuclearising the Korean peninsula together with North Korean leader Kim Jong ...

trump warns syria russia and iran against idlib tragedy Trump warns Syria, Russia and Iran against Idlib 'tragedy'

10:42 | 04/09/2018

US President Donald Trump on Monday (Sep 3) warned Syria against launching an attack on the country's last rebel stronghold with the help of Russia ...

trump says google is rigged with bad news about him Trump says Google is 'rigged' with bad news about him

12:01 | 29/08/2018

US President Donald Trump claimed Tuesday (Aug 28) that Google results were "rigged" because searches for "Trump News" brought up negative stories about him, and ...

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