ben tre promotes investments in agriculture Ben Tre promotes investments in agriculture

09:40 | 19/09/2018

Ben Tre will provide incentives for investments in rural areas and the agricultural sector to tap the largely unexploited potential of the southern province.

smart use of pesticides plays an important role in modern agriculture Smart use of pesticides plays an important role in modern agriculture

18:47 | 16/09/2018

Using the recommended volume of pesticides is an effective solution to improve the sustainable, inclusive development of modern agriculture.

agriculture leaders call for asean food system to embrace industry 40 Agriculture leaders call for ASEAN food system to embrace Industry 4.0

20:05 | 11/09/2018

Today, over 170 senior leaders and decision-makers in the agricultural industry gathered at the Grow Asia Forum 2018.

founder of tam khoe fresh food brand keen on green agriculture Founder of Tam Khoe fresh food brand: keen on green agriculture

17:19 | 13/08/2018

Pham Cong Chinh found his passion for agriculture when he founded a firm providing “ready to cook” fresh agricultural produce under the Tam Khoe brand.

new policy to lure investment into agricultural and rural development New policy to lure investment into agricultural and rural development

14:00 | 10/08/2018

A new circular is being drafted to formulate a legal framework and policies to encourage further agricultural investment.

thaco announces strategic cooperation with hagl Thaco announces strategic cooperation with HAGL

10:33 | 09/08/2018

The strategic co-operation between HAGL and Thaco is expected to contribute to the development of the local agricultural sector as well as the two companies.

vietnam aims to facilitate agriculture investment Vietnam aims to facilitate agriculture investment

14:09 | 07/08/2018

In a bid to revitalise the agricultural sector, Vietnam aims to introduce more effective policies with the goal of spurring agricultural development, which is expected ...

thaco sets foot in agriculture Thaco sets foot in agriculture

12:04 | 06/08/2018

Spending approximately $97.3 million buying convertible bonds from HAGL Agrico will help Thaco set a solid foothold in the agricultural sector.

basf closes acquisition of bayer businesses and assets BASF closes acquisition of Bayer businesses and assets

12:02 | 06/08/2018

BASF has closed the acquisition of a range of businesses and assets from Bayer in a strategic move to complement its agricultural portfolio.

fears grow as flooding displaces 130000 in myanmar Fears grow as flooding displaces 130,000 in Myanmar

10:00 | 02/08/2018

A vast area of farmland across four provinces lies under muddy water with rescue teams trying to reach villages by boat to provide food to ...

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