SCG jointly showcases potential of Thai industry at BOI Fair 2011

SCG joins a consortium of companies to showcase the potential of the Thai industry with a host of technologies and innovations that can compete internationally at the BOI Fair 2011 during January 5-20, 2012 in Bangkok.

The goal is to boost confidence in the vast potential of Thailand among both Thai and foreign investors. For its part, the group will unveil SCG Pavilion, which is built around the underlying concept of balanced coexistence between mankind and nature in a sustainable manner. It also showcases housing innovations designed to accommodate disasters.

Kan Trakulhoon, CEO and president of SCG, said “As a leading corporation in Thailand, SCG takes part in BOI under the theme of “Going Green for the Future”, which is in tune with Thailand’s development direction, encompassing economic, social, and environmental development. The theme corresponds to SCG Vision that by the year 2015, SCG will become an ASEAN Sustainable Business Leader.”

SCG Pavilion is designed to make people aware of the importance of the balanced coexistence between mankind and nature, enabling people and nature to live together sustainably in many years to come. The pavilion also showcases eco-friendly innovations, housing innovations to cope with future disasters, and innovations that address the emerging needs and contribute to a better quality of life for people. All are the products of SCG’s total commitment to research and development.

SCG Pavilion is built around the Human Value concept of SCG which is committed to creating innovations that not only meet today’s needs of consumers but also show concern for human value as well as impact on surrounding communities, society, and the environment both for today and tomorrow. The objective is to provide alternatives for customers who are concerned about the changing world environment and want to play a part in protecting the Earth to allow for a balanced and sustainable coexistence between mankind and nature.

SCG Pavilion features a striking exterior design that utilises the organic shape of leaves to bring nature closer to people and the world. Inside, the pavilion is divided into three rooms.

Room 1 showcases a futuristic way of life in Bangkok where mankind and nature coexist in a balanced manner. The story is presented via a huge multimedia screen display and model talkers. In Room 2, attendees are brought back in time to when the Earth experienced a series of catastrophic changes and natural disasters. The presentation features film projections on a 360-degree, surround screen that gives the illusion of being in an actual situation.

In Room 3, attendees can experience a futuristic lifestyle through SCG’s innovations designed to address nature’s uncertainty and consumers’ emerging needs and to contribute to a better quality of life for people.

For example, SCG HEIM, a modular home system with special steel skeletons and beams, is designed to withstand earthquakes with a maximum magnitude of 7.0 on the Richter Scale at a distance of 300 km from the earthquake epicenter. Attendees are given opportunities to experience a simulated earthquake for themselves.

Cement Bunker is a closed cylindrical shape housing unit made from innovative cement with excellent shock resistance and high resistance to the effects of earthquakes, explosions as well as the impact and erosion of sea water and wind storms.

Shield-Life, a temporary shelter for those affected by disasters, is made from polyethylene that provides outstanding strength and durability. Lightweight and easily transportable, it comes with survival kits and is ideal for countries with changing climate or disaster-hit nations that are in immediate need of temporary shelters.

In addition, SCG has developed innovations to cater to the needs and improve the quality of life for people. Central to these designs is the SCG Care Home, which is specially designed for the elderly, empowering them to live independently with less reliance on others. It also provides a high degree of safety for the dwellers.

SCG Pavilion is designed to underline the concept of Eco Pavilion, using a diverse range of SCG eco-friendly materials. Chief among them are the SCG Landscape Cool Plus Series paving blocks that help reduce the build-up of the sun’s heat, SCG Smart Board which reduces the transfer of heat into the building, Shinkolite, acrylic sheets with outstanding light transmission properties that allow Shinkolite to be used in place of conventional fluorescent lamps, and various substitute materials for natural materials.

“SCG hopes that attendees of SCG Pavilion at BOI Fair 2011 will realise the importance of playing a part in creating a sustainable balance for the Earth together with SCG to enable mankind and nature to co-exist sustainably for many years to come. It is believed that this year’s BOI Fair will play a vital role in stimulating investment in Thailand as investors have the opportunities to witness the potential of the Thai industry as well as a host of technologies and innovations that can compete internationally,” said Kan.

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