Quang Nam looks for investment hand

16:48 | 14/03/2011
Central Quang Nam province leadership is seeking government policy support to facilitate the implementation of key projects.

Its people’s committee chairman Le Phuoc Thanh clinched signed Document 16/BC-UBND proposing government policy support for key investment projects.

The first project of its kind was the national mechanical engineering and automotive centre in the Chu Lai Economic Zone.

The project will encompass an automotive engineering centre, a port and associated services area, a housing area for workers and specialists, and a modern urban tourism complex.

Quang Nam People’s Committee sought government approval for applying some investment incentives at the project such as offering free land lease to all investors during their project life, capital supports for compensation, site clearance and people’s resettlement, or building infrastructure to the project’s site.

The second project being recommended for government support was the Cua Dai bridge which was approved by the prime minister through Notice 36/TB-VPCP dated February 6, 2009.

Worth VND2.479 trillion ($119.7 million) in total investment capital, the project was slated for completion no later than April 30, 2014. It has completed site clearance and intensive preparations are underway to get bridge construction kicked-off.

As half of the investment will come from the state budget, the province authorities asked the prime minister for advance of 2012 capital allocations to accelerate the project’s pace.

The third project is a general project on people’s relocation and natural disasters mitigation in Quang Nam province coastal areas what was adopted by the prime minister through Dispatch 2019/TTg-NN dated December 28, 2007.

The project got the nod from the province authorities with a total investment of VND3.679 trillion ($177.7 million) of which VND800 billion will be sourced from the state budget.

After two years around VND577 billion ($27.8 million) of investment capital was disbursed of which VND120 million came from state coffers.

The province’s management then asked the government to further allocate the project VND200 billion in 2011 through putting it in the central budget’s targeted support programme for 2011 to ensure project’s progress.

The final was the project on dredging channels to Ky Ha port with a total investment of VND828.1 billion ($40 million).

After more than one year, over VND400 billion was disbursed (VND300 billion from state coffers) and 3.8 million cubic metres of sandy soil out of a total estimated nine million cubic metres dredged.

The province authorities asked the government to include it into 2011’s targeted investment support programme in order to put the project into use in 2011.

By Hoang Thuy


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