Police investigate container theft

12:00 | 09/08/2017
Customs officers may have colluded in the disappearance of 213 containers full of electric appliances, electronics and other goods, according to the General Department of Customs and Police.
Police officers are investigating the disappearance of 213 containers. - Photo news.zing.vn

In mid-2015, 213 containers of 56 logistics enterprises transited HCM City’s Cát Lái Port to Cambodia. However, the containers never arrived at the Việt Nam-Cambodia border.

“We are collaborating with the General Department of Security under the Ministry of Public Security and the HCM City Department of Public Security to investigate,” the General Department of Customs announced.

A representative of the General Department of Customs told Zing News that 50 of the 213 missing containers had been found. He also said similar cases had occurred in the past.

On July 31, C46 investigators from the Ministry of Public Security and related agencies checked one container which hadn’t “disappeared.” The 40-foot container contained electronic goods, including Japan-made washing machines, air conditioners and speakers, which are prohibited for import into Viet Nam.

At the end of March, the General Department of Customs found there was no document prepared by customs officers relating to the container.

According to the regulations on transit goods, customs offices track the goods and verify their arrival at the border. However, there are indications that customs officers intervened in the computer system to delete the information.


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