Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park admission prices discounted

14:46 | 16/06/2017
Tourists will receive a 20% discount off the Phong Nha cave fee and 30% off the Tien Son cave fee from June 15 to 20, to mark the occasion of Quang Binh Cave Festival 2017.

The biennial festival, with the aim of promoting the magnificent beauty and cultural identity of the 'kingdom of caves' to tourists, will take place from June 16 to 25.

A series of activities have been organised, such as the special arts programme entitled 'The Kingdom of the Caves: Great and Legendary', with the participation of many famous artists; the launch of new tours and accommodation services between June 18-25; parades, a sailing competition, as well as kayaking and other water sports along the beach and the Nhat Le River.

In addition, the cultural and tourism exchange between Quang Binh and Hai Phong will provide an opportunity for visitors to enjoy water puppetry and performances of Le Thuy folk songs – the national intangible cultural heritage.

Street art programmes will also take place in several locations in Dong Hoi, with the participation of domestic and international street art groups.

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