Palo Alto Networks releases next-gen security platform

17:10 | 08/06/2017
Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW), the next-generation security company, today announced advancements to its next-generation security platform that extends the ability of customer organisations to safely enable applications, including SaaS options, content, and users, regardless of location; prevent successful cyberattacks; simplify security operations; and securely embrace the cloud.  
Palo Alto Networks releases next-gen security platform
Palo Alto Networks expanded its VM-Series of firewall models with three new additions

Security demands have evolved as new requirements and risks have been emerged, especially as organisations expand their IT architecture from traditional networks and data centres to private and public or hybrid cloud deployments.

The addition of SaaS application usage to the mix and the need to secure all these architectures against the ever-increasing, sophisticated threats and adversary techniques being used to gain access to assets and data regardless of their location—the network, in the cloud, or in SaaS applications—added to organisations troubles to address a multitude of complex security and operational challenges and prevent cyber breaches and achieve the cloud speed and agility promised.

Traditional detect-and-respond approaches, cloud-only security capabilities, and siloed point products offer limited functionality and lack threat context from the network edge or at the user interface. This makes these options ineffective and administratively burdensome, causes holes in an organisation’s security posture, and hinders operational agility, especially in cloud deployments.

Palo Alto Networks' next-generation security platform addresses all these challenges by delivering rich context from multiple points across all IT environments to provide consistent levels of visibility, management, and security controls regardless of data location—from the network to the data centre and private cloud, in the public cloud, or within SaaS applications.

Building upon existing capabilities in the platform, new advancements included in the Palo Alto Networks platform operating system, PAN-OS version 8.0, Aperture SaaS security service, and new VM-Series virtual firewall models, address security needs by extending protection from physical networks to the cloud, further simplifying security operations and infrastructure, and ultimately helping organisations establish an effective and consistent security posture.  

Palo Alto has integrated more than 70 new cloud and SaaS features in this next-generation security platform.

Vietnam ranked last out of the 14 countries assessed by Asia Cloud Computing Association in its biennial Cloud Readiness Index. Cybersecurity is amongst the key areas where the country ranked the lowest, and for the first quarter of 2017 alone, Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team (VNCERT) has reported almost 7,700 cyberattacks. They also noted that ransomware, in particular those aimed at mobile devices and cloud computing, looked set to be the most popular form of cyberattack in the coming year. In 2016, the country was hit by 134,375 cyberattacks, a quadruple increase from the previous year.

Cognisant of the need to fortify its cyber defences, Vietnam had announced last year that it will be developing a strategic plan on cyber safety and security. The country’s law on cyber-information security took effect in July 2016.

“The advancements made to the latest version of PAN-OS 8.0 address some of the key challenges customers in Vietnam face as they navigate the growing and increasingly-sophisticated cyberthreat environment. We provide a holistic approach in support of policies and programs in place to thwart cybercriminals and help provide a safe space for cloud computing to progress, for all stakeholders to experience the promises of a digital future,” said Kelvin Chin, regional head of Palo Alto Networks Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines branch.

By By Hoang Anh

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