Overseas Vietnamese finds solution to lack of freshwater in Mekong Delta

10:53 | 28/02/2017
The Co Chien River in Tra Vinh province, at certain moments in the day, is the source of freshwater, an overseas Vietnamese man has discovered.

A river water monitoring buoy provides a solution to local farmers to get freshwater for irrigation.

For Vietnamese farmers, four elements, arranged in order of significance, are involved in the production of rice:  water, fertilizer, diligence, variety. 

Meanwhile, Mekong Delta last year suffered the most severe drought in history. The lack of water dried out rice fields.

Nguyen Thanh My, a Viet Kieu (overseas Vietnamese) in Canada, then vowed to find a solution to the freshwater supply in Tra Vinh province.

He discovered that Co Chien River, considered a saltwater river, has fresh water at certain moments in the day, at 5 am and 1 pm, and sometimes, for 3-4 hours.

After discovering the secret of the river, My and his workers in My Lan Group, where he is the owner, decided to create a monitoring buoy to alert farmers when the river provides freshwater, so that farmers can get freshwater for irrigation.

The Co Chien River in Tra Vinh province, at certain moments in the day, is the source of freshwater, an overseas Vietnamese man has discovered.

The buoy is a product using cloud computing technology of RYLAN Technologies, one of three companies owned by My.

Farmers need to install an app on their smartphones to supervise the buoy installed on the river. The indicators such as salinity, dissolved oxygen, temperature and pH level will be sent to the cloud and to farmers’ smartphones. Thus, farmers will be able to know when the salinity is high or low salinity and decide whether to pump water.

The monitoring buoy tells farmers exactly when the river has freshwater and when they can pump water for irrigation or storage. There is a sensor in the buoy which measures the salinity and alerts farmers when the salinity goes below the set levels.

Buoys to measure salinity is a new instrument in Vietnam’s agriculture, which is believed to help farmers deal with saline intrusion in Mekong River Delta.

High technology agriculture and agriculture using cloud computing was mentioned by PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the recent conference on building up Vietnam’s hi-tech agriculture. 

Phuc then stated that a preferential credit package worth VND100 trillion will be disbursed for agriculture projects, believing that the package will help solve the problems of Vietnam’s agriculture.

My, when pointing out the weak points of Vietnam’s agriculture, suggested that Vietnam should think of smart fertilizer which can improve efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while hi-tech multi-level packaging can help store fruits for a long time without having to use chemicals.


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