Oc Thanh Van announced as brand ambassador of Gacday drink

09:28 | 20/03/2017
On March 18, Nafoods Group and T’s Group announced MC Oc Thanh Van as the brand ambassador of Gacday, formerly FrutaGac, the drink that helps improve health and beauty.

Gacday is made of gac puree and other superfruits. The lycopene content of the gac fruit is 70 times that of tomato and betacarotene content of 10 times that of carrot. Lycopene helps prevent cancer while betacarotene helps improve eyesight and skin health.

Gacday helps cure melasma, and the effect can be clearly seen after 30-40 days of use. It helps decrease the risk of tumour and cancer due to oxidation, helps decrease side effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and protect healthy cells, prevents growth of cancerous cells, prevents relapse and spreading of cancer after surgery, enhances the immune system, helps users sleep and digest better and rids the body of toxins.

“We hope Gacday is going to become a companion for Vietnamese when preventing and fighting cancer,” Nguyen Trung Kien, deputy business director of Nafoods Group, said.

“I always carefully choose natural health and beauty products to introduce to people. As a mother of three, I look for a product that helps me look young and beautiful and keep my family in good health,” said MC Oc Thanh Van

“Gacday, formerly Frutagac, not only helps brighten your skin but also helps prevent cancer. Not only me but many other celebrities love this product. I am proud to be invited to work with Gacday to aim for a beautiful and cancer-free Vietnam.”

Nafoods Group, established in 1995, has been bringing Vietnamese specialty agricultural products to the world through its brand of juices, concentrates and other products. Last December, Nafoods Group signed a contract with food company AMC Group from Spain, in which AMC Group would produce FrutaGac, now Gacday, from gac and clean super fruits from AMC’s farm, and Nafoods would sell the products globally.

AMC Group has been a strategic partner of Nafoods Group for many years in research to create natural drinks that are good for health, and also imports and distributes nutrition products from Vietnam. 

Nguyen Manh Hung, chairman of Nafoods Group said the company would continue to cooperate with AMC Group to bring to customers products that meet international standards.

T’s Group is the exclusive global distributor of Gacday. Its network spreads in 64 cities and provinces of Vietnam as well as 14 countries and territories. T’s Group is the first choice of domestic and foreign companies that are looking for a partner to kick off a new product or brand. It is the only distributor in Vietnam that promises a certain amount of revenue for investors when they want to launch a product.

By By Hong Anh

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