Nissan drives ahead

Nissan Techno Vietnam (NTV) is seeking to grow its presence in Vietnam through establishing a Hanoi-based centre on research and manufacture of auto components and engines valued at over $15 million.

The auto centre’s first phase of investment was designated to begin in late 2010 and the centre was expected to become operational in July 2011.  Eighty per cent of the workforce will be operating in research field.

NTV expects its Vietnamese engineers will account for 20 per cent of Nissan Group’s global development workforce.

NTV was established in Vietnam in 2001 with an initial registered capital of $38 million and was the first foreign aim of Nissan Techno, a core factor for development of Japan-based powerful Nissan Motor Group.

NTV is the first specialised auto design firm in Vietnam which has made maximum use of latest technical software and hardware packages in diverse operational fields such as design. Its Vietnam-based human resources now consist of around 1,500 employees from 100 initially.

>>Nissan Vietnam drives ahead

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