law blocks imf request Law blocks IMF request

By Xuan Ha 18:16 | 04/08/2003

AN INDEPENDENT agency will not be allowed to audit the State Bank – a prerequisite of an IMF poverty programme – as it would be illegal under Vietnamese law.

slowdown fears as china rate hike sends asian stocks lower Slowdown fears as China rate hike sends Asian stocks lower

17:41 | 20/10/2010

HONG KONG, October 20, 2010 - Most Asian stocks slipped Wednesday on fears of a slowdown in the Chinese ...

bad news pull back securities Bad news pull back securities

17:21 | 20/10/2010

Hanoi - The VN-Index on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange dropped 2.66 per cent October 20, closing the session ...

china denies new rare earths export quota cuts China denies new rare earths export quota cuts

17:09 | 20/10/2010

BEIJING, October 20, 2010 - China on Wednesday denied making any fresh cuts in rare earths export quotas, but insisted ...

japanese shares fall after chinas rate hike Japanese shares fall after China's rate hike

16:53 | 20/10/2010

TOKYO, October 20, 2010  - Japanese shares dropped across the board Wednesday as investor worries heightened after China unexpectedly increased ...

slowdown fears after china rate hike sent asian stocks lower Slowdown fears after China rate hike sent Asian stocks lower

16:45 | 20/10/2010

HONG KONG, October 20, 2010 - Fears of a slowdown in the Chinese economy after a rise in interest ...

Australia renews push to split telco major Telstra

16:36 | 20/10/2010

SYDNEY, October 20, 2010 - Australia Wednesday introduced a bill to split former state monopoly telco Telstra into retail ...

Little developer with big plans lists shares

10:07 | 20/10/2010

HCM CITY - The Hoang Quan Real Estate Corporation (HQC) will make its debut on the HCM City Stock Exchange ...

Volume up, shares off in HCM City

10:07 | 20/10/2010

Hanoi - The Wall Street rally overnight could not prevent the VN-Index from shedding 0.73 per cent yesterday to close ...

MEF II announces partial divestment in Golden Gate

By Van Anh 16:56 | 19/10/2010

Mekong Capital announced today that Mekong Enterprise Fund II Ltd was completing the partial divestment of its two-year investment in ...

milk prices go up 16 times in 3 years Milk prices go up 16 times in 3 years

16:48 | 19/10/2010

Powdered milk prices in Vietnam have gone up 16 times in the last 3 years, according to the Vietnam Chamber ...

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