McDonald’s announces Vietnam master franchisee

13:16 | 16/07/2013
McDonald’s announced on July 16 Henry Nguyen, managing general partner of IDG Ventures Vietnam, as developmental licensee for Vietnam to build the fast-food brand.

Nguyen, a Vietnamese American businessman with his Vietnamese name being Nguyen Bao Hoang, is the founder of Good Day Hospitality – the master franchisee.

The first McDonald’s restaurant in Vietnam will open in Ho Chi Minh City in the beginning of 2014, said Good Day Hospitality spokeswoman Le Ha My Tram.

She said the McDonald’s headquarters in Illinois has not finalised the location or the date and they are searching for a location. “We’ll not know where and when and the size of the restaurant until the headquarters announce them.” Therefore, whether it will be in or outside the central business district is still unknown.

She added her company had recruited personnel for the first restaurant and sent 15 staff to the Philippines for training, and was recruiting more. “We estimate a total of 100 staff would be needed for the first restaurant.”

Good Day Hospitality is focusing on Ho Chi Minh City as the primary base, Tram said. As for food supply, McDonald’s would seek as many local suppliers as it could, she said, but did not disclose the maximum percentage of Vietnamese food usage.

McDonald’s said the first restaurant’s menu would include iconic favourites known the world over, from the Big Mac sandwich and cheeseburgers to World Famous Fries.

Vietnam is now the 38th market of McDonalds in Asia.

Nguyen said he had been in contact with McDonald’s over the years sharing the opportunity that exists in the country. “I’m proud to be part of a great team that is working hard to open up our first restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City. Our local team is preparing and training our first managers and crew for that exciting day.”

By Tuong Thuy

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