us buyers poised for massive buy up of local textiles US buyers poised for massive buy-up of local textiles

By Lien Huong 17:59 | 06/11/2007

US importers and retailers are set to buy a record $4.25 billion in Vietnamese apparel and textiles this year, a year-on-year increase of 40 per cent.

ministries need to bring a games Ministries need to bring A games

By Nhu Ngoc 06:00 | 13/09/2010

“The results demonstrate that the quality of legal developments and enforcement at ministries has not satisfied the expectations of the ...

Nation to enjoy the best of British

By Nguyen Thanh 06:00 | 13/09/2010

Vietnam and the United Kingdom are looking towards a common bright future.

china power purchases to address electricity woes China power purchases to address electricity woes

By Lien Huong 06:00 | 13/09/2010

“The investors are working to fix their problems. By mid September, the Haiphong plant expected to bring back its second ...

LTE a bridge too far for Vietnam

By Van Anh 06:00 | 13/09/2010

Vietnam may not grant licences for any new 4G netwok within the next two years while it waits for the ...

Dak Lak seeking the right blend

By Thanh Tung 06:00 | 13/09/2010

A new foreign invested project to build Southeast Asia’s largest instant coffee processing plant in Dak Lak province is expected ...

steel plants drain power Steel plants drain power

By Lien Huong 06:00 | 06/09/2010

Energy-hungry steel plants have been told to build their own power plants. State-run Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) has proposed the ...

working to put a property spin on tourism tourism Working to put a property spin on tourism tourism

By VIR 06:00 | 06/09/2010

“Real estate tourism investment is very appealing given the successes we have witnessed in developed countries.”

agriculture exports blossoming Agriculture exports blossoming

By Thanh Tung 06:00 | 06/09/2010

Amid Vietnam’s prolonged trade deficit, the agro-forestry-aquatic sector has watered a trade surplus.

tourism benefits from misfortunes Tourism benefits from misfortunes

By Phuong Thu 06:00 | 06/09/2010

Vietnam’s tourism industry has reaped unexpected windfalls thanks to insecurity in competing neighbouring destinations.

all roads leading to my dinh area All roads leading to My Dinh area

By Ngoc Bich 22:27 | 31/08/2010

Hanoi’s expansion plans to the west are shaping the My Dinh area, 11 kilometres from the capital’s downtown, to become ...

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