vietnam beats us in new 4g speed survey ranks second in southeast asia Vietnam beats US in new 4G speed survey, ranks second in Southeast Asia

17:17 | 24/03/2018

Vietnam’s 4G connections are much faster than the US and most of its Southeast Asia's countries, although signal is not always available, according to a global mobile network report.

bank tickers not losing charm Bank tickers not losing charm

By Van Linh 22:51 | 23/03/2018

The recent divestments of foreign investors from bank tickers might not mean that the financial sector is losing its charm ...

vietnam russia agree on solid foundation of bilateral ties Vietnam, Russia agree on solid foundation of bilateral ties

21:06 | 23/03/2018

Vietnamese and Russian officials have agreed the positive advancement of the VietNam-Russia relationship over the past years, marked with high ...

japanese firms express intentions to invest in hanoi Japanese firms express intentions to invest in Hanoi

By Kim Oanh 17:25 | 23/03/2018

Leading Japanese firms expressed ambitions to set foot or expand operations in Hanoi in numerous sectors.

vietnam oman relations enter new chapter Vietnam-Oman relations enter new chapter

By Thanh Tung 11:27 | 23/03/2018

The Vietnam-Oman multi-sectoral relationship is reaching new horizons.

dinh la thang proposed 18 19 years of imprisonment Dinh La Thang proposed 18-19 years of imprisonment

By Nguyen Huong 11:07 | 23/03/2018

Dinh La Thang was found guilty in “denying responsibility, concealing violations, and not showing remorse” in the OceanBank case.

commercial banks still ailing from bad debts curse Commercial banks still ailing from bad debts curse

By Thuy Vinh 10:37 | 23/03/2018

Despite significant efforts to resolve bad debts, commercial banks will likely carry a total VND60 trillion ($2.64 billion) of bad ...

eu six other economies exempt from metal tariffs for now EU, six other economies exempt from metal tariffs for now

09:53 | 23/03/2018

The European Union and six other economies will be exempt at least temporarily from the harsh steel and aluminium tariffs ...

tael partners increases investment in vietnamese companies TAEL Partners increases investment in Vietnamese companies

By Bich Ngoc 22:12 | 22/03/2018

TAEL Partners—one of the leading Southeast Asian investment managers headquartered in Singapore—is looking for more domestic partners from Vietnam.

2018 agms promise heavy dividends 2018 AGMs promise heavy dividends

By Hoang Minh 15:04 | 22/03/2018

Thanks to positive business performance in 2017, shareholders expect large dividends in the 2018 season of annual general shareholders’ meetings ...

us eu pledge to find acceptable outcomes on metal tariffs US, EU pledge to find 'acceptable outcomes' on metal tariffs

12:03 | 22/03/2018

The United States and the European Union are launching a fresh round of talks in order to reach a "mutually ...

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