Happy Residence graced by impressive sales performance

15:00 | 25/11/2015
Happy Residence has achieved an impressive sales performance thanks to Phu My Hung’s effective business strategy centring on sustainable development.

The project has sold over 97 per cent of its newly released units in October and November 2015. Notably, increasing numbers of foreign buyers flocked to the second launch, accounting for 25 per cent of the total orders. The successful sales performance is attributed to the company’s strategies following the concepts of sustainability.

Living environment in Phu My Hung urban centre meets the demands of expats with developed infrastructure, environment, education, security. Therefore, many foreigners would like to buy home and settle down in the new centre.

With two decades of successful operations in Vietnam, Phu My Hung has boasts an enhanced prestige as a reliable urban developer. The company has developed a long-term vision to ensure stability in the value of apartments in the future. As such, all homeowners can be confident of the capital value, rental yield, and good liquidity of the developer’s estates. 

Many foreigners joined the second launch of Happy Residence and found their favourite apartments.

Under its vision, Phu My Hung has developed the infrastructure system, security, and amenities of the new city centre, thereby creating a full-scale residential community easily reaching international standards. This not only adds value for each house owner, but also transforms the urban area into an attractive destination for foreigners.

In addition, Phu My Hung promotes transparency on the Vietnamese real estate market. The company is fully committed to providing accurate information for clients as well as handing over its projects on schedule. Happy Residence, delivery of which is guaranteed by Vietcombank, will be put into services in 2018. 

Happy Residence received positive responses of the market due to strategic location, situated on Nguyen Luong Bang Avenue in green surroundings.

“To show the investor’s heartfelt responsibility to customers, Phu My Hung is committed to bringing the best services to our residents. We plan to find genuine purchasers for our Happy Residence project so that it will become a vibrant, fascinating residence once operational. The project has captured significant attention from foreigners who are considering to settle down in the township, due to good infrastructure, architecture, and urban planning,” Truong Quoc Hung, the company’s vice president stressed.

Covering an area of 9,500 square metres, Happy Residence is located in the district with the highest green coverage ratio of Phu My Hung city centre and is well connected to all urban areas, providing its future residents easy access to a wide spectrum of excellent amenities, such as banks, shopping malls, restaurants, convenience stores, and healthcare services.

New infrastructure projects being developed in the southern area will send up property value in Phu My Hung in the near future.

Many infrastructure projects are also being developed in the southern area, such as the tunnel at Nguyen Van Linh-Nguyen Huu Tho intersection, Nguyen Huu Tho expansion, Metro No.4 from District 12 to Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, and Ben Luc-Long Thanh expressway. Once completed, they are expected to provide convenient access from Phu My Hung city centre to the Central Business District and surrounding areas. Also, the planned establishment of special economic south zone offers lucrative prospects for homeowners in Phu My Hung.

Happy Residence is situated on Nguyen Luong Bang Avenue, one of the most bustling areas in Phu My Hung. According to expert analysis, the added value of Happy Residence would increase faster than other projects, as it offers good prospects for business and property lease activities. There is a strong demand from 15,000 foreign tenants in Phu My Hung, sending up the expected average rent of Happy Residence over $1000 per 80 square metres of living space in the next three years.

The highlights of Happy Residence include the residential community and on-site amenities that boast diversity in design and cater to details.

Happy Residence project is also favoured by families for its strategic location in a good school district of Phu My Hung City Centre, offering proximity to quality education facilities, such as the Canadian International School, the Saigon South International School, the Japanese School, the Taipei School, and the Korean School. In addition, condos range from 72 to 76 square metres of living space, offering reasonable prices for young couples—the developer kept it in mind to have an offer up their sleeves for anyone and everyone desiring a cultured, high-class living environment.

Happy moment of a foreign buyer who just got the chance to own an apartment at Happy Residence.

Designed by NQH Architectural Company, the condominium features four blocks with 19 floors, housing a total of 554 condos, and covering an area of 9,500 square metres. It is flexible in terms of payment schedule and offers buyers easy access tofair and favourable loans. Driven by all the positives on offer, many buyers and foreigners are currently hoping to find real home at Happy Residence.

The next launch of Happy Residence is slated to be organised in December 2015.

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By By Thanh Van

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