scg heads for circular economy by success stories SCG heads for circular economy by success stories

By Bich Ngoc 18:54 | 10/07/2018

SCG held a global forum on sustainable development in Thailand on July 9 with the "SD Symposium 2018."

green products popular in vietnam ’Green’ products popular in Vietnam

09:52 | 06/07/2018

Tran Minh Tien, owner of a shop in Long An Province, said he sells some 10 kinds of goods made ...

vnd5 trillion solar power plant to be built in ninh thuan VND5 trillion solar power plant to be built in Ninh Thuan

17:07 | 05/07/2018

Nearly VND5 trillion (US$216.5 million) will be invested in building a new solar power plant in the south-central coastal province ...

gef pledges 41b fund to protect environment GEF pledges $4.1b fund to protect environment

10:27 | 29/06/2018

The 6th Global Environment Facility (GEF-6) closed in the central city yesterday with nearly 30 countries pledging to create a ...

binh phuoc and dung quat bio ethanol factories to resume operation Binh Phuoc and Dung Quat bio-ethanol factories to resume operation

17:12 | 25/06/2018

The two bio-ethanol factories, Binh Phuoc Ethanol and Dung Quat Bio-Ethanol Fuel, will contribute to increasing E5 fuel supply and ...

danang lights up with solar power Danang lights up with solar power

09:59 | 25/06/2018

Between 2008 and 2011, the central city of Danang has cut 12,000 tonnes of carbon emissions after developing environmentally friendly ...

collaboration needed to build smart cities in vietnam Collaboration needed to build smart cities in Vietnam

By Trang Nguyen 08:30 | 25/06/2018

As Vietnam yearns to transform its cities into smart ones, it can learn from the experience of other smart cities ...

largest solar power plant in vn asia to be built in tay ninh Largest solar power plant in VN, Asia to be built in Tay Ninh

01:18 | 24/06/2018

The groundbreaking ceremony of Dau Tieng 1 and Dau Tieng 2 solar power plants, worth VND9,100 billion will be held ...

wb funded project helps vn renewable energy development WB-funded project helps VN renewable energy development

01:05 | 24/06/2018

The Renewable Energy Development Project (REDP) worth US$204 million has helped Vietnamese enterprises develop renewable energy projects and state agencies ...

unlocking soc trangs renewable energy potential Unlocking Soc Trang’s renewable energy potential

15:10 | 22/06/2018

Soc Trang province is calling on investors to tap into its great unexploited potential in wind and renewable energy.

ninh thuan aspires to be vietnams heart of green energy Ninh Thuan aspires to be Vietnam’s heart of green energy

16:45 | 21/06/2018

With hydropower and fossil fuel potential nearing exhaustion, the development of wind and solar energy is becoming a necessity.

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