Future belongs to sustainable food

10:15 | 20/03/2017
When it comes to sustainable food, the Netherlands possesses world class expertise.

Though only composes 1.6 per cent of the national gross domestic production (GDP), agricultural sector still puts the Netherlands on the world map as second largest exporter of agricultural products. That is the result of strong primary sector, efficient processing, excellent logistics, and value adding services. Businesses and knowledge institutes in the Netherlands are always trying to find new solution to improve even further the efficiency and productivity while still maintaining environmental well-being.

On the other end, Vietnam is also an important agriculture production country in the world, growing at a fast pace. However, the rapid development is putting pressure on the environment. Unhealthy practices like overexploitation, deforestation, or misusage of pesticide and plant protection chemicals are largely concerned. This is exactly where the Dutch expertise and experience can be involved to help Vietnam create an innovative agroindustry with respect to nature.

Having signed a Strategic Partnership Arrangement (SPA) in the field of sustainable agriculture and food security in 2014, the two countries already have a framework for long-term bilateral cooperation. “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” With commitment from both sides, success should only be a matter of time.

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