Electrolux introduces smart front load washing machines

14:05 | 04/01/2013
Being a mother is a priority for any woman. Attending to the family’s daily needs takes up most of her time and effort.

My wife is no different. She cooks our meals, cleans up after our children and does the rest of our household chores. Oftentimes, she no longer has enough energy for quality time with our family and for herself. I am constantly looking for ways to help ease her worries about getting things done. I decided to buy an Electrolux front load washing machine as a special gift for my wife. So far, it has proved to be the most ideal washing machine for my family.

Electrolux Front Load Washing Machine EWF14821. Cost: 19.190.000VND

The Electrolux front load washing machine is very efficient, easy to use and environment friendly. On top of that, it is reasonably priced. Designed to meet the highest standards, it lets you wash your clothes with minimal energy and water consumption.

Designed by Electrolux from Sweden, this smart front load washing machine would be able to care for your clothes. The new Vapor Function and Sensitive Plus Program reduces allergens and germs found in your clothes as you wash so it’s good for sensitive skin. It also has the Time Manager Function that offers 8 options to arrange your laundry the way you want to based on the dirt level of your clothes. You can freely decide how long each load should take so that you have more time to do other chores or relax and have quality time with your family. I was satisfied with the many advanced features of this washing machine.

More importantly, my wife had to be convinced of the efficiency of this product. Her main concern is if it would clean the clothes and remove stains as well as she does through hand washing.

I believe she was pleased with its performance. So go visit a household shopping center and have a look at this washing machine. You may want to buy one for your wife also.

By Linh Giang


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