Depositors to hit jackpot with BAC A BANK

10:43 | 18/05/2017
Depositors are sure to bang their heads against the wall if they miss BAC A BANK’s new customer programme.
Depositors to hit jackpot with BAC A BANK
BAC A BANK's new programme will send depositors into a frenzy

In order to attract more depositors, the bank has launched a promotion programme which will run from May 15 to August 12, 2017. Under the programme, depositors will be given many types of gifts upon making a deposit at the bank. The total value of the prizes will be VND5 billion ($227,272).

Besides, in addition to receiving the gifts at the time of transaction, depositors are also given codes for a lottery programme to win trips to exotic foreign destinations.

Specifically, the programme includes two special prizes, a trip to Europe and to the US, for two five-member families. The two special prizes are worth a total VND500 million ($22,750).

There are also five first prizes of five two-person trips to Australia, each worth VND100 million ($4,550).

The programme also includes two second prizes of two two-person trips to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, each worth VND60 million ($2,730). There are 10 third prizes of 10 two-people trips to the Disneyland in Hong Kong, each worth VND30 million ($1,365), and 30 fourth prizes of trips within Vietnam’s Vinpearl resort chain, each worth VND10 million ($455). BAC A BANK will also distribute 200 consolation prizes of VND1 million ($45.5) credit cards.

Over the past two decades, the bank has effectively increased its chartered capital by 13 times, with a view to strengthening its financial health, improving its competitiveness, and expanding its mobilisation of capital, loans, investment, and network development. At present, the bank’s total chartered capital has hit VND3 trillion ($136.4 million).

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