Danang Hi-tech Park is the first hi-tech park in central Viet Nam and one of the national park in Vietnam. It was established by the Prime Minister in 2010.

1. Location

- Hoa Ninh and Hoa Lien commune, Hoa Vang district, Danang city.
- 22km from downtown area.
- 17km from Da Nang International Airport.
- 25km from Tien Sa Seaport.

2. Land area

- Total planning area: 1,129.76 hectares.

3. Priority industries

- Bio-tech applied for agriculture, aquaculture and healthcare.
- Microelectronics, mechanicalelectronics and optoelectronics.
- Automation and precision mechanics.
- New energies, nanotechnology and new materials.
- Information and communications technology; computer software.
- Environmental technology, technology applied for petrochemistry and other special industries.

4. Policies on the investment incentives and supports of Danang Hi-Tech Park (According to the Decision No. 36/2013/QD-UBND dated November 13th 2013 of Danang Peope’s Committee)

a) Investment incentives

- Corporate income tax of 10% for a period of 15 years; of which, tax exemption for 4 years from generating taxable income, 50% reduction for the next 9 years.

- Land leasing price is from 5,250 - 10,500VND/m2/year with 03 flexible payment method: annual payment, every 10 year payment, one-off payment for the entire leasing period.

- 100% off land leasing for construction investment projects for common infrastructure facilities in DHTP and investment projects in training area, hi-tech research, development and application area, hi-tech enterprise incubation area.

- No leasing fees for 11 years for construction projects for apartment blocks for rent in DHTP.

- No leasing fees for 03 -11 years for projects on the list of Domains Entitled to Investment Preferences issued with the Decree No.108/2006/ND-CP dated September 22nd 2006 of the Vietnamese Government.

- 100% off infrastructure using fees for the first 02 years from the date of receiving land allocation and a 50% reduction for the 03 subsequent years for projects on hi-tech research and development, hi-tech incubation, or hi-tech human resources training.

- 100% off infrastructure using fees for the first 02 years from the date of receiving land allocation for Projects on the List of High technologies prioritized for development investment and the List of hi-tech products encouraged for investment issued with the Decision No.49/2010/QD-TTg dated July 19th 2010 of the Vietnamese Prime Minister.

- 50% off infrastructure using fees for the first 02 years from the date of receiving land allocation for projects producing products included in Group VI - Products of support industries for hi-tech industries on the list of those prioritized for development issued with Decision No.1483/QD-TTg dated August 26th 2011 of the Vietnamese Prime Minister.

Investment support policies

- Offering one-stop service

- Support for immigration and residence procedure

- Support for provision and attraction of hi-tech human resources

- Support for loans obtaining

5. Contact

Danang Hi-tech Park Management Board

- Address: 228, 2/9 street, Danang city, Vietnam

- Tel: (84) 511.3626704 - (84) 511.3626703

- Fax: (84) 511.3626705

- Email: dhtp@danang.gov.vn

- Website: dhtp.gov.vn