Czechs to bounce up

Some giant Czech companies are yearning to take root in Vietnam’s market.

The Czech Republic’s Minister of Industry and Trade Martin Kuba said at last week’s Vietnam-Czech Business Forum in Hanoi that Vietnam was among Czech’s 12 strategic investment and business markets over the next few years.

“A number of Czech giants are eager to cultivate their multi-sector investments in fast-industrialising Vietnam, boasting great demand for energy, technology and capital,” Kuba said.

Miroslav Fiala, chairman and general manager of Shoda JS Group - which is Czech’s leading manufacturer of nuclear power plant equipment, told VIR that Shoda wanted to cooperate with the Vietnamese government in providing equipment and services for building and operating two $16 billion nuclear power plants Ninh Thuan 1 (1,200 megawatts) and 2 (1,000MW) in south central Ninh Thuan province.

Plans call for the Ninh Thuan 1 plant to be built by Russia’s state-owned giant Rosatom Nuclear Power Group in Thuan Nam district starting in 2014, while the Ninh Thuan 2 would be constructed by Japan’s International Nuclear Energy Development Company Ninh Hai district from 2021.

Shoda supplies its products to many nations in Europe. “We are a big partner of Rosatom and therefore we want to join Vietnam in these projects via large-scale packages of reactor research and supplying components and services,” Fiala said.

He said Shoda would submit its proposal for engaging in these projects to the Vietnamese government soon. Under its plan, Shoda would seek financial support from Czech Export Bank to invest into these projects.

Another Czech giant, PPF Group, one of the largest investment and finance groups in central and eastern Europe with total revenue of $4 billion in 2012, is also seeking local partners for cooperation in many fields including banking, insurance, property, energy, metal mining, agriculture and retail.

“Vietnam’s banking and financial industry is being strongly restructured, while the country’s industrialisation is in need of great clean energy. This is why PPF wants to invest here via multi-million-dollar projects,” said PPF’s Foreign Affairs Department’s chief Petr Kolar. “We will work with local authorities for possibilities of cooperation in specific feasible projects,” Kolar said.

Meanwhile, Martin Huber, commercial manager of Ferrit S.R.O Company, a leading manufacturer of mining monorail locomotives, also has nosed out investment opportunities in Vietnam.

At present, Vietnam has 27 Czech investment projects registered at $65.5 million.


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