providing tailwind to vietnamese power plants Providing tailwind to Vietnamese power plants

11:18 | 27/12/2017

General Electric Renewable Energy is known as the world’s leading supplier of wind turbines, with a diversified portfolio of onshore and offshore turbines and the latest technology to foster wind power development.

ge healthcare becomes strategic partner of vinmec GE Healthcare becomes strategic partner of Vinmec

10:08 | 13/12/2017

GE Healthcare, the medical arm of General Electric, yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding with Vinmec Healthcare System, fostering science ...

ge to drive wave of solar investment in vietnam GE to drive wave of solar investment in Vietnam 1

10:01 | 11/12/2017

As the world in general and Vietnam in particular are seeing strong increases in power demand, coupled with the growing ...

busting out newest tech to aid vietnams turn towards the sun Busting out newest tech to aid Vietnam’s turn towards the sun

09:49 | 11/12/2017

As Vietnam takes strong steps to develop its solar energy market, GE is bringing in advanced technology solutions to help ...

ha technology now available industry record 64 per cent efficiency HA technology now available industry-record 64 per cent efficiency

16:39 | 07/12/2017

GE Power (NYSE:GE) announced today that its largest and most efficient gas turbine, the HA, is now available at more ...

ges digital transformation surfs the industry 40 wave GE’s digital transformation surfs the Industry 4.0 wave

09:59 | 20/11/2017

As the world is speeding ahead with the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 applications, a radical transformation is taking ...

how machines and minds can reboot manufacturing How machines and minds can reboot manufacturing

09:58 | 20/11/2017

Five Asian countries – Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Thailand, and Indonesia – are predicted to be among the 15 most competitive ...

apple partners up with ge to bring predix industrial apps to ios Apple partners up with GE to bring Predix industrial apps to iOS

18:09 | 23/10/2017

This morning, Apple and GE announced a partnership to deliver powerful industrial apps designed to bring predictive data and analytics ...

women dive into the world of engineering Women - dive into the world of engineering

08:00 | 20/10/2017

There is more room for Vietnamese women in engineering and technology, which used to be a traditionally male industry. In fact, ...

revitalising vietnams power plants keeping an eye on emissions Revitalising Vietnam’s power plants, keeping an eye on emissions

08:00 | 09/10/2017

A wide range of new technologies and solutions from GE can contribute to the Vietnamese energy agenda through the reduction ...

applying expertise for local sustainable energy industry Applying expertise for local sustainable energy industry

08:00 | 09/10/2017

As Vietnam is looking at suitable solutions to reduce emissions and increase the efficiency of the country’s power plants, Jim ...

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