Corelle ventures into co-creation with First Plate Design Competition

Corelle is launching ‘Plate Your Design’ – a regional design competition aimed at giving Corelle fans, professional and amateur designers alike an opportunity to see their masterpiece turned into a limited edition dinnerware collection.

This is the first time Corelle is looking to produce patterns that are co-created with consumers in Southeast Asia.

Open to residents of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, the competition will run from April 9 to May 20 and is part of Corelle’s plans to give their fans a say in the type of patterns they would like to see in retail stores, allowing modern women to entertain at home in style.

The search for new designs fall under three distinct themes – Floral Inspirations embracing essential floral elements for the home, Illustrative Geo showcasing bold shapes to match one’s zest for life and Earthy Connections, a theme rooted in nature. One winner will be chosen from each design theme and the winning designs will be produced and sold as a limited edition series in the region.

“Corelle has its finger on the pulse and has been listening to feedback from generations of loyal fans. What better way to show that we have heard what they have to say than offering them a chance co-create a collection of dinnerware,” said Dawn Lee, director of marketing at World Kitchen (Asia Pacific) and head of Asia Design and Innovation Centre.

“This competition gives our fans an opportunity to have a say in what we will produce next. We truly believe that this collaborative process will not only create designs that will appeal to modern women, but will also forge a deeper bond and emotional engagement between the brand and our consumers,” added Lee.

Shortlisted designs will be graded based on their overall design concept, fit to theme, originality and relevance as well as rationale behind the design by judges from across the region. Participants who impress the judges will not only see their masterpiece manufactured for retail but will also receive Corelle and Corningware products, a trophy plate embellished with their winning design and cash prizes totaling $18,000. See more details at

Corelle is one of the most acclaimed dinnerware brands in the world, offering a unique proposition combining beautiful design and unsurpassed durability.

Produced under stringent quality control, Corelle dinnerware is made using a unique sandwich construction that bonds together three layers of Vitrelle® glass, resulting in a durable dinnerware that is lightweight yet resistant to breaking, chipping and cracking. The non-porous glass surface does not retain food odors and particles, making it easy to wash, resistant to permanent staining and hygienic at the same time.

Designed for easy handling and storage, Corelle is wafer thin and easy to store. It is also the perfect companion in every modern kitchen as it can be used in the microwave oven and is dishwasher safe.

The limited edition winning designs will join many of Corelle’s designs that are developed specially for the Asian market. While the base material is manufactured in the US, the Asian patterns are applied at decorating plant in Malaysia using a special method that fuses the design in between the layers. This ensures that the patterns are long-lasting and do not fade, even after many years of use, passing the US FDA’s most stringent standards for non-toxic release on decorations.

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