Chicken feet dishes in Hanoi

19:00 | 19/09/2017
Chicken feet are processed with many spices and enjoyed in different ways which can satisfyany diner’s taste. The dishes have become more popular in Hanoi.

Grilled chicken feet

Grilled chicken feet have long been popular with the young generation and students in Hanoi.  Every afternoon, at Nguyen Thai Hoc street or Ly Van Phuc street, an appealing fragrance of grilled chicken feet will attract you to stop in any street shop and enjoy.

Roasted chicken feet with salt

The roasted chicken feet with salt is a new dish but is quite popular with Hanoi diners. The new dish has appeared in restaurants, diners and sidewalk drinking restaurants in Hanoi.

Steamed chicken feet with chili and lemongrass

Steamed chicken feet with chili and lemongrass is a new dish in this summer in the Ta Hien area, Luong Ngoc Quyen street. On hot summer days, young people usually gather in this area to enjoy famous dishes.

Pickled chicken feet

Pickled chicken feet is a very delicious dish, easy to eat. After the pre-processing and cleaning steps, boiled chicken feet are placed in a glass jar, and then cooled boiled water mixed with sugar, vinegar, salt, garlic, chili, pepper, is added. The feet are ready to eat after about two days.


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