Bruce Lee’s yellow jumpsuit, nunchakus go under the hammer

09:28 | 05/12/2013
Late Hong Kong martial arts legend Bruce Lee's iconic "Game of Death" yellow jumpsuit will be among 14 items related to Lee that will go under the hammer in Hong Kong on Thursday.

Spink auction house vice chairman Anna Lee briefs the press on a jumpsuit worn by Bruce Lee and his nunchaku used during the filming of "Game of Death", during a preview of the Bruce Lee 40th anniversary collection auction in Hong Kong.
(AFP / Philippe Lopez) 

HONG KONG: Some 40 years after his death, 14 items related to late Hong Kong martial arts legend Bruce Lee will go under the hammer in Hong Kong on Thursday, reported Hong Kong media.

Among them are Lee’s nunchakus, a wooden dummy he used for training, and even the iconic yellow jumpsuit he wore in the 1978 film“Game of Death”.

Reporters in Hong Kong swarm around articles like Lee's shoes which are up for auction. (AFP / Philippe Lopez)

“Game of Death” is Lee’s final work.

He died in 1973 at the age of 32 in the midst of shooting the film, leaving its producers no choice but to shoot the rest of the movie with a double.

The 14 items have been put on auction by a US collector.

They are expected to bring in some HK$1 million (S$161,700), with Lee’s yellow jumpsuit expected to fetch HK$300,000 (S$48,500), while a ‘Double Dragon Pendant’ - believed to have been custom-made for Lee - is set to bring in HK$200,000 (S$32,300).


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