Bkav bites into phone viruses

17:00 | 04/10/2011
Bkav Corporation, an internet security entity, rolled out its anti-virus Bkav Mobile Security software for mobile phones and tablets today.

Parallel to killing viruses, the product is equipped with cutting-edge antitheft devices as well as call and SMS block techniques.

Smartphones have become commonplace and have partly superseded personal computers (PCs). Bkav statistics show that 3,628 new viruses were found in mobile phones in the year to date.

But, the new software’s anti-theft function helps users determine the position of their mobiles in case they were lost or forgotten. If their mobiles are lost, users can send an urgent message to order erasing or lock their mobile content from afar to avoid their personal data falling in the hands of strangers.

Core data information which was erased is copied and kept in cloud thanks to the backup and restore function.

“We have integrated the call&SMS block technique into the new product to help Vietnamese mobile phone users avoid unnecessary trouble. Not only blocking spam, the technique helps establish flexible call block regimes such as not receiving calls from subscribers not seen in contact list by night or setting new regimes for workdays and weekends,” said Bkav R&D director Vu Ngoc Son.

The new software’s privacy advisor function helps stamp out the danger Smartphone users being followed through individual devices clung to their phones.

Bkav has also presented two supporting versions to Android management system. “Anti-virus Bkav Mobile Security software is provided free to all customers. Customers will later pay charges annually for Bkav Mobile Security Pro enhanced functions,” Son added.

The internet security firm is set to roll out supporting versions for four remaining management systems namely iOS (iPhone), Symbian (Nokia), BlackBerry and Windows Mobile in mid November 2011.

You can download Bkav Mobile Security for free from www.market.android.com or www.Mobile.bkav.com.vn starting from October 4, 2011.


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