B2X and Digiworld set up joint venture to offer care services to Samsung Vietnam

17:02 | 07/08/2017
B2X, a leading global provider of customer care services for smart mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, just formed a strategic joint venture with Digiworld Corporation to offer care services to Samsung Electronics Vietnam.

The newly-formed joint venture between B2X and Digiworld specialising in after-sales services significantly expands its operations in Vietnam as well as completes the professional services offering of Digiworld and provides mobile and electronics brands with a world-class customer care solution.

B2X and Digiworld signed the partnership in Ho Chi Minh City

“Our new joint venture with Digiworld has tremendous development potential and helps any mobile, IoT, and electronics brand entering the Vietnamese market, while providing a top-notch customer experience,” said Rainer Koppitz, CEO of B2X, at the signing ceremony held recently in Ho Chi Minh City.

“Our evolving partnership with Samsung is another great achievement for us that fills us with pride. Vietnam is an exciting market and our new investments are another major milestone of the global growth story of B2X,” Koppitz added.

According to Doan Hong Viet, CEO cum chairman of Digiworld, the company has finally found a strategic partner helping it and its customers to provide a complete go-to-market solution for international brands entering Vietnam.

“Without a doubt, B2X is the global leader in after-sales services and this substantial experience and deep expertise forms the foundation for our new joint venture. I am really looking forward to turning our vision together with B2X into reality,” Viet said.

One of the first subscribers to the joint venture's comprehensive after-sales services is Samsung Electronics Vietnam


In a strategic move, B2X has also acquired two leading local repair service and customer support providers, connecting all of their locations to an integrated service network.

One of the first major brands to utilise the new B2X-owned service network is Samsung Electronics. On behalf of Samsung Electronics, B2X delivers end-to-end customer care for its mobile and tablet business, along with its IoT, connected home appliances and TVs, and together with existing customer service partners, help Samsung to ensure the best customer service in Vietnam.

By By Bich Ngoc

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