fintechs reshape the financial system Fintechs reshape the financial system

08:00 | 11/06/2018

Fintech companies have grown both in quantity and quality in Vietnam in recent years. However, to further encourage the development of fintechs and inventive financial ...

fintech changes financial landscape Fintech changes financial landscape

10:00 | 09/06/2018

A handful of winners have been named in a large-scale fintech challenge, providing inspiration and opportunities for many other fintechs to capture.

vietnam and cambodia trimmed health spending Vietnam and Cambodia trimmed health spending

19:14 | 05/06/2018

While most of the emerging markets in Asia has increased its overall spending on health as a share of GDP since 2000, Cambodia and Vietnam ...

weezi digital named as winner of fintech challenge vietnam Weezi Digital named as winner of Fintech Challenge Vietnam

17:12 | 31/05/2018

The first-ever Fintech Challenge Vietnam 2017-2018 (FCV) crowned Weezi Digital for its work towards financial inclusion.

ifc promotes vietnamese supplier linkages with multinationals IFC promotes Vietnamese supplier linkages with multinationals

14:48 | 25/05/2018

Vietnamese suppliers will receive much-needed support for improvement to become suppliers for multinational enterprises.

new technologies to prevent anti money laundering activities New technologies to prevent anti-money laundering activities

16:00 | 23/05/2018

When financial transactions grow rapidly, banks are required to work together and invest more in advanced technologies to combat money laundering.

a cashless economy on the horizon A cashless economy on the horizon

08:34 | 30/04/2018

Vietnam is making every effort to promote a cashless economy, with a focus on the development of digital payments so as to reach out to ...

fortress tools leads the way to the stock exchanges Fortress Tools leads the way to the stock exchanges

10:00 | 29/04/2018

Foreign-funded firm Vietnam Fortress Tools JSC is joining other companies of its kind on the local stock exchanges, leveraging the growth of Vietnam’s capital market ...

new vpbank app makes dreams come true New VPBank app makes ‘Dreams’ come true

09:49 | 16/04/2018

VPBank has launched its latest app called ‘Dream,’ providing customers with solutions to manage their personal finances, helping them realise their dreams.

green bonds prop up state eco fund Green bonds prop up state eco-fund

08:00 | 15/04/2018

While financial resources are constrained from the state side, channelling investment into green projects through the issuance of green bonds may be what it takes ...

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