co working draws foreign operators Co-working draws foreign operators

11:28 | 02/08/2018

Driven by Vietnam’s large millennial population, co-working spaces are on the rise in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and local operators are now being ...

change needed to save the oceans from plastic Change needed to save the oceans from plastic

10:12 | 05/06/2018

While many Vietnamese people do not think that single-use plastic items like cups , straws or bags could harm the planet, the consequences of plastic ...

nghi son successfully produces first batch of diesel oil Nghi Son successfully produces first batch of diesel oil

19:00 | 23/05/2018

Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical LLC has also successfully produced 5,000 cubic metres of diesel oil meeting all required specifications.

brokers oppose saez provinces suspension of land transactions Brokers oppose SAEZ provinces’ suspension of land transactions

21:38 | 08/05/2018

The host provinces of SAEZs recently ordered suspending all local land transactions in order to curb possible illegal activities.

visa policy is keeping tourists at bay Visa policy is keeping tourists at bay

09:00 | 03/05/2018

With tourism a key area for growth, Vietnam’s strict visa policy is a barrier that is making foreign tourists choose other destinations instead.

proposed van don zone rakes in cash Proposed Van Don zone rakes in cash

09:00 | 01/05/2018

The proposed Van Don Special Administrative-Economic Zone in the northern province of Quang Ninh, with the tourist magnet of Halong Bay, is receiving great investments ...

cantonese flee pricey realty to hanoi Cantonese flee pricey realty to Hanoi

10:15 | 07/04/2018

With their home only a few-hour flight away, investors of luxury apartments from Hong Kong are now looking to the emerging city of Hanoi, where ...

hoai duc expects real estate boom Hoai Duc expects real estate boom

11:17 | 31/03/2018

With the city of Hanoi planning to increase its volume of urban districts, Hoai Duc to the west of the capital is set to receive ...

central bank to hold first fintech day in may Central bank to hold first FinTech Day in May

10:03 | 26/03/2018

The central bank will organise the first National FinTech Day this May to facilitate the growth of the FinTech community.

public votes for underground metro station by hoan kiem lake Public votes for underground metro station by Hoan Kiem Lake

22:36 | 23/03/2018

About 90 per cent of respondents want an underground metro station near Hoan Kiem Lake in the Old Quarter, according to Hanoi Metro Railway Management ...

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