taisho inches towards domination at dhg Taisho inches towards domination at DHG

17:42 | 07/07/2018

Taisho Group registered to buy an additional 7.06 per cent (9.2 million shares) in DHG as the next step in its plan to step-by-step acquire ...

dhg approved to abolish fol DHG approved to abolish FOL

11:01 | 05/07/2018

DHG has recently been approved to lift the foreign ownership limit (FOL) to 100 per cent, according to information published on its website.

four foreign investors lose opportunity at strategic stake in pv oil Four foreign investors lose opportunity at strategic stake in PV Oil

08:46 | 04/07/2018

The government’s refusal to extend the deadline to look for strategic investors closes the gates for foreign investors looking for a strategic stake in PV ...

tech can improve competitiveness of vietnams corn Tech can improve competitiveness of Vietnam’s corn

13:36 | 02/07/2018

Over the last five years, the high demand in the Vietnamese corn sector combined with the limited available land and the continuous increases in imported ...

vietnam reports first billion dollar fdi projects of 2018 Vietnam reports first billion-dollar FDI projects of 2018

17:44 | 29/06/2018

Soaring foreign investment in the M&A sector may turn the tides of continuously decreasing FDI inflows in the first six months of the year.

varroc lighting systems opens larger facility in vietnam Varroc Lighting Systems opens larger facility in Vietnam

22:01 | 27/06/2018

Varroc Lighting Systems opened a new production facility in Vietnam, boosting their ability to deliver cutting-edge technology to customers in the region.

vinh phuc resolute on refusing tal groups 350 million project Vinh Phuc resolute on refusing TAL Group's $350 million project

15:55 | 26/06/2018

Vinh Phuc submitted its fourth document asking the prime minister to refuse TAL Group's textile and garment dyeing project.

first automotive cluster investment in deep c ii industrial zones First automotive cluster investment in DEEP C II Industrial Zones

08:30 | 25/06/2018

Being granted an investment certificate for its automotive part manufacturing plant is the first step for Pyeong Hwa Automotive in realising its ambition to expand ...

schindler to launch first showroom in vietnam Schindler to launch first showroom in Vietnam

08:00 | 21/06/2018

Schindler Vietnam launched its first showroom in the country at its Jardine Schindler Training Centre in Ho Chi Minh City.

yeah1 sets record high reference price for shares on hsx Yeah1 sets record-high reference price for shares on HSX

15:38 | 20/06/2018

Yeah1 will officially list 27.36 million shares on HSX at the reference price of $10.93, beating both Sabeco and Vinamilk.

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