fugitive labour Fugitive labour

18:34 | 31/05/2004

The increasing number of Vietnamese migrant labourers who abscond from their overseas jobs are destroying the hard-working image of their countrymen, especially in Japan where ...

Cash in the hand? Less may be more

18:15 | 31/05/2004

Cash payments by Vietnam’s businesses and organisations may soon be limited in order to develop the non-cash payment system, the State Bank said.

Thailand-Vietnam energy partnership in the pipeline

18:03 | 31/05/2004

PetroVietnam has reached an initial agreement with Thailand’s state-owned oil giant PTT to build a pipeline between the Tay Nam gas fields in the Gulf ...

developers reluctant to shake hands Developers reluctant to shake hands

18:34 | 24/05/2004

Partners in a Hanoi development that has been held up for the past seven years are protesting Hanoi authorities decision to change the local partner ...

attracting tourists with a past Attracting tourists with a past

18:24 | 24/05/2004

While many Americans still hold suspicions of Vietnam from the war, Barry Israel has different perceptions. He has concentrated his efforts on bringing Vietnam closer ...

Limits on foreign JSCB stock raised

18:15 | 24/05/2004

Foreign banks will be allowed to buy up to 30 per cent of shares in local joint stock commercial banks (JSCBs), according to new State ...

PetroVietnam names and shames 43 high-level officials

18:03 | 24/05/2004

More than 40 top leaders from the state oil and gas giant PetroVietnam have been accused of ‘wrong-doings’ at four key projects, allegedly causing losses ...

Giant SOE share offer on the cards

17:42 | 24/05/2004

Four equitised SOEs may get the right to sell some of their remaining state-owned shares if the prime minister approves a proposal from the Ministry ...

golf project back on course Golf project back on course

18:34 | 17/05/2004

After a delay of more than seven years, a golf project in Do Son town in the northern port city of Haiphong is back on ...

The quiet spread of HIV/AIDS

18:24 | 17/05/2004

Officials estimate that 45 new cases of HIV/AIDS are reported in Vietnam every day. No longer a disease confined to big cities and border towns, ...

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