A dynamo returns home

18:03 | 16/03/2004

“I am too old to pursue any political ambitions. I am not doing business to earn money: my only desire is to contribute something to ...

Objections to State Bank convertible bond issue

18:03 | 16/03/2004

The government is considering a move to permit state-owned banks to issue convertible bonds to increase their capital, triggering protests from other financial institutions.

party vows to continue war on corruption Party vows to continue war on corruption

17:42 | 16/03/2004

Red tape, corruption and wastage at state agencies have been major bottlenecks in the reform process, Communist Party leaders admitted last week.

Ciputra City set to rise on banks of West Lake

18:34 | 08/03/2004

Work is progressing at a rapid rate on the country’s largest-ever housing project, with its first two high-rise buildings to open within the next year, ...

fight for your rights womens ongoing struggle for equality Fight for your rights: women’s ongoing struggle for equality

18:25 | 08/03/2004

The revised Land Legislation approved by the National Assembly in November last year required that land use right certificates bear the names of both husband ...

Irish fund to inject capital into bourse

18:16 | 08/03/2004

Irish-listed Phanxipang Vietnam Fund (PXP) has drawn up plans to invest in Vietnam’s emerging stock market via PXP Asset Management, its fund management arm in ...

Foreign currency sales on the table for bourse investors

18:03 | 08/03/2004

Foreign investors may soon be able use foreign currencies they transfer into Vietnam to buy stocks in local securities companies, if the State Bank approves ...

FIEs invited to raise hand to go public

17:42 | 08/03/2004

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has urged foreign-invested enterprises wishing to become shareholding companies to submit relevant documents for consideration.

ocean park high on wave of office sites to hit hanoi Ocean Park high on wave of office sites to hit Hanoi

18:34 | 20/02/2004

THE largest building in recent years is set to go on Hanoi’s office lease market along with a number of smaller properties, all of them ...

A toxic legacy

18:25 | 20/02/2004

The Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange has begun legal action against manufacturers of the defoliant used by US forces during the American War. ...

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